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Hostel DEN

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Reviews about Hostel DEN

  /  78 ratings
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  • 2023, january 13, 7:25 am
    2박 머물렀습니다.
    직원들 모두 친절하고 영어도 잘합니다. 1층에 작게 안방처럼 꾸려진 곳에서 얘기 나누고 밥도 해먹는 모습을 볼 수 있어요.

    침대는 나무 프레임으로 깔끔한데 1층 높이가 좀 낮아 큰 체형이신 분들은 유의하세요.

    일본 거의 모든 게하가 가격은 저렴한데 수건이나 어뮤니티 등은 추가요금을 받는 것 같아요. 개인 수건 가져오시면 좋습니다.

    다음에 와도 다시 들를 의향이 있습니다
    • 2023, january 14, 12:08 pm
      Thank you for your review.
      we glad you liked our hostel.
      All our staffs like to talk with guests and willing help anytime.
      Thank you for your advice for other guests.
      we offer first towel for free for if you visit us again please don't hesitate asking.

      Again thank you for staying at our hostel.

      Hostel DEN
      Front Staff
  • 2022, december 13, 9:44 am
    Très bon établissement avec un bon rapport qualité-prix. Les chambres sont assez grandes, avec un casier disponible et de la place pour poser ses affaires.
    L'hôtel est assez propre, très bien situé dans Tokyo et possède de bonnes infrastructures.
    Mais le plus important: la sociabilité dans cet hôtel. Si vous ne restez pas dans votre chambre, vous allez pouvoir rencontrer énormément de monde au rez-de-chaussée, qui est convivial même s'il peut paraître manquer de place parfois.
    Un staff à l'écout
    – show
    • 2022, december 13, 10:51 am
      Thank you for your stay and review.
      We also had good time with you.
      We glad you had good memory in our hostel.
      We will always wait you come back and stay at our hostel again.
  • 2022, november 24, 6:13 pm
    3박 4일로 머물렀는데 2박까지는 숙소 오면 샤워하고 침실로 직행했는데 마지막 날 용기내서 게스트들 모여서 노는 곳으로 감!
    정말 잘했다 생각 들었고 먼저 말 걸면 다들 잘 받아줌.
    저는 동양인 여자인데 같은 동양인 여자가 있어서 더 편하게 대화했어요 (완전 내향인)
    서양인들이 압도적으로 많고 제가 갔을 때는 서양인 남자들이 훨씬 많았음.

    -머리 말릴만한 수건은 없대서 집에서 수건 하나 챙겨옴
    -빨래는 300엔 (한화 3천원) 으로 할 수 있음
    -큰 수건 100엔으로 대여 가능
    -여자 침실, 남자 침실이 층으로 나뉘어져있음
    -샤워실은 같은 층에 있는데 완전 분리된 공간에 있음
    -2층 침대에 머물렀는데 계단 오르내리기는 진짜 불편해도 천장까지 높이가 좀 있어서 오히려 좋았음
    -무쌍에 왜소하신 직원? 사장? 일본인 남성분 진짜 친절하시고 영어 잘하심. 하고싶은 말 있는데 못하겠으면 번역기 돌려서 보여주면 됨
    -샤워실 생각보다 너무 깨끗함
    -4c룸에 머물렀는데 천장이 좀 마감이 안 된
    – show
    • 2023, january 14, 12:19 pm
      Thank you for your review.
      You wrote lot of details and it must help for coming guests.
      Thank you so much.
      I can see you had good stay at and could make new friends from the world.
      We started welcome drink and first free towel for everyone so if you visit us again please don't hesitate asking.
      We always waiting see you again and having a chat.

      Hostel DEN
      Front Staff
  • 2022, november 20, 3:49 pm
    長期滞在でお世話になってます ‍ ️
  • 2022, november 17, 3:38 pm
    this is the best place I've ever stayed in i would 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to meet many cool and nice people
  • 2022, november 17, 3:15 pm
    Den is great!
  • 2022, november 11, 8:34 am

    (Points evaluated: Incredible service, the 1st floor is an interactive and lively environment, the beds are excellent, the cleanliness is great! The terrace is beautiful! People from all over the world here!)
  • 2022, november 10, 6:35 pm
    I love hostel den!!!!
  • 2022, november 6, 8:23 am
    Amazing Hostel! Great for solo Travelers who want to meet people. Nice staff too. Zack is my favorite. He is friendly and brings awesome energy every night
  • 2022, november 1, 6:03 pm
    スタッフさんも滞在者さんもみんな明るく楽しいです ️
  • 2022, october 19, 4:22 pm
  • 2022, october 19, 4:14 pm
  • 2022, october 18, 4:58 am
    RECOMMENDED: what a terrific little place in the heart of Tokyo.

    I stayed in this hostel for 3 days and had the best time imaginable.

    Price: by far one of the cheapest options in Tokyo.

    Location: It's I closely located to about 5 metro lines, allowing you to get virtually everywhere in the city within 25 minutes.

    Atmosphere: The staff was so welcoming and helpful. They treat you first as a friend and then as a client, it creates a very cozy and lovely environment. The hostel also offered nic
    – show
  • 2022, october 16, 11:23 am
    This place is amazing and the nicest people in Tokyo are here. If you're needing hostel, this is the best by far.
  • 2022, october 13, 5:39 pm
  • 2022, october 13, 2:26 pm
    I enjoyed staying at DEN!
    Friendly staff and friendly guests!
    I definitely come back!
  • 2022, october 13, 2:24 pm
    Super convenient access from Tokyo Station! Great staff and they’re doing fun events almost every day! If I’m coming to Tokyo, I’m always staying here!
  • 2022, october 13, 2:20 pm
  • 2022, september 23, 4:24 pm
    値段も安いのでまた泊まりに行きまーす ‍ ️
  • 2022, september 16, 2:46 pm

Average rating - 4.6 based on 66 reviews and 78 ratings