Total Urban Survival: Indonesian Martial Arts and Self-defense

Total Urban Survival: Indonesian Martial Arts and Self-defense

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Reviews about Total Urban Survival: Indonesian Martial Arts and Self-defense

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  • I've been following and training Pendekar Hussein and his Pencak Silat Sharaf system for years, and I can assure you he is at the top of the game. Pendekar Hussein will teach you what is useful for a real combat situation. Total Urban Survival is the ultimate self defense community and system. If you want to train real and effective indonesian martial arts, do not hesitate to contact Pendekar Hussein.
  • Professional instruction in practical and tactical self-defence geared towards real-world scenarios. A weapons-based system that is highly aggressive and well-rounded.
    Highly recommended!
  • Great classes very informative and practice and an excellent instructor with vast amount of knowledge and experience
  • Training here is 2nd to none with top notch quality, realistic approach to self defense. Hussien knows his stuff and backs it with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table that is extremely rare to find in an instructor. Highly recommended!
  • If you are a very busy person with long hours of work and you just want to learn how to protect yourself and your family.TUS/Silat Sharaf is very helpful for you because it covers physical and mental aspects for self-defense and surviving, it is straight to the point with a short curriculum to let you focus on what is important.

    if you are a martial arts/self-defense lover with years of achievement, experience and training, TUS/Silat Sharaf will be very great addition to you it will up your lev
    – show
    • That’s probably the most thorough opinion ever given us about the training. Thanks so much bro ️
  • I have been training with Guru over 10 years. His program is very realivent and always adapting to the times. While still retaining the core silat skills and culture and respect in the art. It is truly a well rounded self defense program.
    • Thank you so much brother. Glad the training has benefited you. ️
  • A weekend with Hussein taught me everything. Everyone should get this, especially those who have never had trouble on the street so they can become aware and safe.
    I had years of martial arts ‘training’ but a couple of times showed it was useless in the real world. I’m now switched on and completely confident I can hold my own.
    It’s thorough training — taking it further than you’d imagine, and under Hussein’s care it’s an opportunity you won’t get elsewhere.
    Top instruction, can’t recommend high
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  • Great community at TUS everyone so helpful. Especially the realness and professionalism of Ustaz Hussein. This is the place to be for learning how to survive when things turn ugly.

    Thank you Ustaz for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.
  • Straight to the point. I appreciate the authenticity in what is taught by Total Urban Survival.
  • Always adapting, outsmarting your enemy (whoever or whatever it is) for the best chances to win. TUS will change the way you live your life. It brings a drastic change of mindset adapted to our modern era and will make you battle-ready not only for the streets but all areas of life. Pendekar Hussein walks the walk.
  • Pendekar Hussein is a walking encyclopedia of martial arts, but more than that he is one of the few martial artists I’ve met who has used his system in life or death situations; Silat Sharaf is the real deal. I’ve trained in many martial art classes, but his one on one classes are the best I’ve tried. His online courses are also detailed and thorough. If you want to learn to fight and defend yourself in real combat situations then look no further.
  • The best martial art and combatives training. The training isn't just on the physical, but also the mental aspect. Everything that the instructor has taught has helped me tremendously. One of the best around, no doubt.
  • One of the best martial arts and self defence institutions. The teacher and founder of Pencak Silat Sharaf, has decades of practical experience and knowledge with violence, his teaching methods are straight to the point and realistic, non-theatric and fancy-free. Lessons are taught in clear and concise manner and easy to follow.
    As a practitioner myself, this education had saved my life multiple times on the job as private security. I 100% recommend this.
  • For those looking for a system based on reality; TUS/Silat Sharaf is for you. Simple and effective techniques.
  • For no nonsense self-defense, very little is on the same level with TUS/Silat Sharaf. This is hardcore stuff with real world application. Pendekar Hussein is a luminary in the industry and has spent decades honing this system to ensure its effectiveness. The material in his online courses is straightforward and direct. TUS also has an online community of knowledgeable practitioners that share their expertise and insights across a broad array of topics; from ditch medicine to cyber security. I hi – show
  • The online course offered by this style is the best that I've signed up to, to date. The offered syllabus is so good, I've made it one of my primary areas of 'at home' martial arts focus.
    • Thank you very much for the review ️ so happy to hear that the material is working well for you.
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