EDS International Driving School (Tokyo Office)

EDS International Driving School (Tokyo Office)

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Reviews about EDS International Driving School (Tokyo Office)

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  • 2022, december 27, 12:09 pm
    I had just one practice session, it was really helpful. Instructor explained things in detail and also provided some videos that helped me to understand my real exam course, it helped a lot in getting my license. Thank you Aki san!
  • 2022, december 13, 4:49 am
    It took me a while to complete the provisional license since i was accustomed to the driving back in my home country but the staffs and instructors thoroughly teaches the basic Japanese traffic rules and safety in an english-friendly environment which was a big help on the long process of acquiring a Japanese driving license.Also, the staffs are very accommodating to suit each learner's needs.
  • 2022, december 13, 4:45 am
    I took a foreign license conversion course with Aki san. I enjoyed my practice session with him and felt so much more confident after taking his lesson. Was able to pass first attempt too!
  • 2022, october 18, 2:08 am
    I bought standard course 9 month timeline in Tokyo. Within the timeline not even get learner license.Tokyo license center very busy, it is difficult to complete. I hope EDS can think about it. From scratch course it is impossible to get license. After that I went to Japan school and got the license easly. I recommend who are start from scratch go Japanese school for more cheaper and stress less. Good luck.
    • 2022, october 21, 4:57 am
      Hello Mr. Palash,

      First of all, we would like to congratulate you acquiring your Japanese driver’s license.

      We do appreciate your feedback concerning the process. We understand the struggle getting an early  schedule at the Tokyo license centers, and we are aware of the current duration.

      However, their scheduling process is beyond our control, that is why we have to first explain the process and steps in details before we have the student enroll with us.

      We commit ourselves to accommodate st
      – show
  • 2022, september 30, 4:46 am
    Highly recommended. My driving instructors were Aki and Haru. They will show you the steps to pass the practical driving test and acquire a Japanese driving licence. Again highly recommended.
  • 2022, september 15, 10:51 am
    I took today the Gaimen Kirikae driving test and passed (on the 1st attempt and last one)! Thank you so much Haru san and EDS team for a clean registration process and thoroughgoing driving session. I got all the practice and confidence I needed to pass this tough exam. Totally recommended!
  • 2022, july 21, 1:58 am
    Thank you EDS for helping me to get my Japanese driver's license I took kirikae course with them after failing for two times. I thought I can make it with my own efforts because I am a driver since 2010, also holding a professional license, granted International license twice. It was hard at first because they want a different style of driving, Japan has its own rules of the road very different from my country and others. EDS helped me with all the techniques and style. I booked with them for – show
  • 2022, june 11, 4:27 pm
    I came here for Gaimen kirikae practice. Wilbert was my trainer. He was a nice guy and help to get technique on S crank.
    He done a mock test on the day of practice with my request. This training help me to get the key point on actual test finally I got my Japanese driving license on first attempt
  • 2022, may 31, 5:40 am
    This school offers the cheapest course for people already with driving experience. The staff and instructors are also filipino so it really was the best option for me. They are hands-on and they really try their best to schedule your sessions in your most convenient time, for both theory and driving lessons. They will guide you from the start until you get your license and give you extra tips on how to pass your tests.
  • 2022, may 23, 10:40 am
    Very clear and detailed explanation on how to pass the Gaimen Kirigae Shiken 外免切替試験 (Conversion to Japanese Driving License). Nice and helpful instructor!
    Btw I took one lesson of 100 minutes a week before my actual test and I passed on my first take!
  • 2022, may 20, 11:53 am
    I took the Gaimen Kirikae course which is for foreigners wanting to change their license to a Japanese one. The instructor was really friendly. He pointed out to me in detail what things I need to work on, and advised me on what things I should look out for in the actual exam. He also showed and explained in advance to me the actual course of the exam which also helped me by visualizing it.The way he explained how my driving was through a drawing of road and a toy car on top of it was actually a – show
  • 2022, may 14, 4:41 am
    Had two lessons here
    Kind instructors, will teach you every weak points if any.
    Price is cheaper than anywhere in Tokyo
    Was preparing for SAMEZU center, passed with 2nd try and before each try was booking lesson in EDS
  • 2022, april 23, 4:21 am
    [Sorry in advance for a long review]
    When you read this review I hope you already know the difference between a designated and non-designated Driving School in Japan.
    EDS International is a non-designated school. I was absolutely ZERO in driving (never sat on driving sit before). I spoke with few driving schools who provides English support and finally decided to go with EDS. Let me briefly break down my review:
    1. Cost: It's neither costly nor very cheaper if you compare with other schools. The
    – show
  • 2022, april 22, 6:25 am
    Very professional. On point on the lessons. Jeoff helped me with the basics, safety checks and I could pass my test on the first try. Always grateful for the lessons.
  • 2022, april 9, 3:21 am
    I strongly recommend EDS driving school to practice Gaimen kirikae before going practical exam. I could able to pass my exam on first try. My instructor name is Jeff and Martin. They helped me to learn tricks, Japanese driving rules, safety checks and corrected my mistakes during practice… Thank you so much.
  • 2022, march 15, 8:38 am
    My teacher was Aki and he was EXTREMELY thorough with his explanation and made sure that I could perform every task required at the exam perfectly even though it went a little over time. For the price and quality I would recommend this driving school for sure.
  • 2022, february 19, 7:43 am
    Aki was a great teacher! I took the paper driver course after not driving for 10 years and I am now comfortable on the road again. Thanks a lot. Definitely recommend!!
  • 2022, february 11, 11:02 am
    Helped me get prepared for practical foreign license conversion test and I passed no problem. Really can’t recommend it enough because you will learn all the nuances of the Japanese driving test!
  • 2022, february 10, 10:06 am
    I took two practices over the course of 4 months to prepare me for the practical test portion of converting my foreign license to a Japanese one. Thanks to EDS's instructors, I was able to pass my first time.
  • 2022, february 8, 2:35 pm
    Very good instructor Jeff who gave relevant tips to pass Japenese driving license test. He also help me improve my skills in which i was lacking and my confidence in driving grew.
Average rating - 4.9 based on 85 reviews and 38 ratings

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