Tokyo Academics — Japan's #1 Tutoring Service for International School Students

Tokyo Academics — Japan's #1 Tutoring Service for International School Students

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Reviews about Tokyo Academics - Japan's #1 Tutoring Service for International School Students

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  • 2023, january 17, 1:27 pm
    Although I was struggling to keep up with AA SL Maths at school, after I started taking TA with Varun even just for an hour, I started understanding class much more, even going ahead of the class. I learn so much in an hour while still getting explanations and answers to questions along the way — I found Varun's small tips or ways to remember really helpful during tests as well. Also, he makes math so much more enjoyable and digestible for me, and having math tutoring is now something fun for me – show
  • 2023, january 16, 9:26 am
    Mr Joel Sensei teach the my son's studies twice a week for about a year. He teaches English and math and above all, his method of teaching while motivating my son makes me feel as if he has already built a deep trust with his son. I am always grateful for the classes where I am looking forward to the improvement of learning along with the joy of learning.
  • 2023, january 13, 7:46 am
    Trent is an excellent tutor — very dedicated and engaged. Overall pretty pleased with TA
  • 2023, january 9, 5:39 am
    • 2023, january 11, 4:58 am
  • 2023, january 4, 6:38 am
    Grade12の娘がIB Math と IB Chemestryの授業で苦戦しており、Steven Carreraさん(Math)とJonathan Hillさん(Chemestry)に1-on-1でお世話になっております。先生方は本当に教えることにプロフェッショナルな方達です。
    • 2023, january 11, 4:59 am
  • 2022, december 30, 4:39 am
    息子がSteven Carreraさんに1-on-1で数学を教わっています。もともと数学が苦手で嫌いで超苦戦していましたが、一年間教えて頂き、今では苦手意識がな
    • 2023, january 11, 4:59 am
  • 2022, december 27, 12:54 pm
    I really had a good experience while studing with Mr. Hafizh Shiddiq. During my classes with him was so interesting, and i really had a good time conversating with him. I think Tokyo academic is where you can really find fun and standard tutors. I highly recommend this place.
    • 2023, january 9, 7:45 am
      Hi Angela,

      We're so glad you had such a positive experience with Hafizh. We really try to make all of our classes as fun and as engaging as possible. Thank you for the kind words.

  • 2022, december 21, 12:16 pm
    Dear Maggie,
    Thank you for supporting by Mao. It is surprising but good to know she considers a little differently about college selection. There is not much time left, I will talk to her as well. Thank you again. Nobu
    • 2023, january 9, 7:53 am
      Hello Nobu,

      Thank you for the review. We will pass along your kind message to Maggie! We're so glad we've been able to help Mao on her journey to college. It means a lot that our Admissions Consulting team gets results.

  • 2022, december 18, 2:18 pm
    Counseling — College 初めて指導を受けましたが具体的な内容と的確な指示で息子本人の迷っていた問題点が解けて目標に向けて進む方向性が分かりやすくなってきました。とて
    • 2023, january 11, 4:59 am
  • 2022, december 16, 5:56 pm
    My daughter has been taking lessons from various tutors at Tokyo Academics and they've all been great. Most recently Steven has been tutoring my daughter in Calculus and has helped her ace her school exams and increase her confidence with math. I highly recommend looking into lessons at Tokyo Academics for students struggling with any school courses.
    • 2023, january 9, 7:55 am
      Hi Derrick,

      Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the review. We're glad Steven was able to help your daughter gain confidence in math. It really means a lot to us that students see real results in their schoolwork. We appreciate your continued support.

      Best regards,
  • 2022, december 16, 10:22 am
    Steven Carrera tutored me for my SAT Math test, and I could not have been more grateful for his guidance! Not only did he teach me Math, but he also shared many valuable test-taking tips that have helped my results.
    • 2023, january 9, 7:58 am
      Hello Kana,

      Thanks for leaving such a kind review! We'll be sure to let Steven know you had such a positive experience with his tutoring.

  • 2022, december 15, 3:13 pm
    Steve C has been out math tutor for the past 2 years. He’s been engaging, energetic, supportive and on topic. He’s working with three kids ranging from Pre Algebra to Geometry. They meet online once a week. He reviews their existing work. He provides relevant worksheets and responds and works with them on each issue that’s challenging them. Our grades are rock solid and their confidence and interest in math measurably higher. I’ve reviewed his taped sessions. I’ve seen the work and I occas – show
    • 2023, january 9, 8:17 am
      Hi Joseph,

      Firstly, thanks for posting a review and for your continued support! It's great to hear that you're happy with Steven's work, and that you've been satisfied with our tutoring process. Hearing that you've seen results not just in grades but confidence is music to our ears. We'll be sure to pass a long your kind message to Steven.

  • 2022, december 14, 11:14 am
    For the past year, I have had the amazing experience of being tutored by Mr. Steven Carrera for IB Analytical and Approaches math standard level. He not only does an excellent job of ensuring that you have understood math concepts thoroughly, but he also gives detailed explanations of the theory, which I believe helps my understanding. I have always struggled with maths, yet, he simplifies the subject through breaking down the processes until you comprehend it, using diagrams and examples. Even – show
    • 2023, january 9, 8:23 am
      Hi Shannina,

      We appreciate you taking the time to leave such a detailed and thoughtful review. And we're so glad to hear that through working with Steven you've been able to develop an enjoyment of math. That's really great! It means a lot to hear you've gained confidence and that you've had such a positive experience overall. We'll be sure to let Steven know he's had such an impact.

      Thank you,
  • 2022, october 23, 11:04 am
    Excellent experience with Mr. Steven Carrera, my tutor for AP Calculus BC. His eloquent, on-point, and concise words and explanations really helped with my understanding to the subject and as well as the concepts. I was blown away by how effective the tutoring sessions are.
    • 2023, january 9, 8:26 am
      Hi Toshio,

      We appreciate the review! We're glad to hear about your experience with Steven. Making sure you gain deep understandings of concepts and coursework is what we're all about. We'll be sure to pass along your kind words to Steven.

  • 2022, september 20, 5:15 am
    I have been with TA since my son was very young. They not only introduce great tutors, but also provide very useful information and advice regarding how to help your children's academic study at an early stage. My son has become a strong learner who not only handles his school assignment independently but also is willing to take challenges outside of school. Special thanks to Patra, who is always helpful in discussing lesson plans and recommending the just right tutors. We will stick to TA as lo – show
    • 2022, october 5, 3:34 am

      Firstly, thank you for being with us and trusting in our services. We strongly believe in providing personalized mentorship for all of our students. Being able to help students from a young age develop into well-rounded learners is what keeps us going. We're also glad you had such a positive experience with our support staff, so we'll be sure to share your kind words with Patra as well.

  • 2022, august 21, 9:05 am
    Quality programs taught by engaging teachers supported by kind staff; you couldn’t ask for more!
    • 2022, october 5, 3:24 am
      Hi Marcy,

      We appreciate your kind words! Nothing makes us happier than folks who find value in our mission. We couldn't ask for more;)

      Best regards,
  • 2022, july 30, 6:31 pm
    My son who is now at the last year of high school and will enter university soon has gained significant improvements in math and English after having series of intensive course at Tokyo Academics. The tutors are always there to help, monitoring progress, are ready with advices.
    • 2022, october 5, 3:21 am

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We take great pride in being a reliable resource in helping students do better in school. Best of luck to your son in college!

  • 2022, july 14, 5:03 am
    Michael and the team at Tokyo Academics did a great job of helping our daughter drastically improve her academic performance. Tokyo Academics charges more than we have paid for other tutors (other students and moonlighting teachers etc.) but the results are much better than we have gotten from other tutors. I consider this to be the best investment we have made in our daughter’s future. Thank you Michael!
    • 2022, october 5, 3:19 am
      Hi Stephen,

      That's incredible news! Helping families reach their academic potential is what we're all about. We're glad you found our services valuable.

      Thank you,
  • 2022, june 6, 8:33 pm
    I have had the opportunity to receive support from counselors at Tokyo Academics in preparation for my high school entry and returned once again to TA for applying to colleges. I returned to TA because I knew that I could trust the support that I would receive, and TA has gone above and beyond in providing me with incredibly personalized, flexible, and attentive counseling. Zach, Taka, Tyler, Heather, and other counselors' dedication and perseverance in helping their students reach and display t – show
    • 2022, october 5, 3:16 am
      Hi Yuto,

      Thanks for the review! We're so proud to have been part of your academic journey. We know you worked very hard, and it's good to know we were able to give you the support you needed. Best of luck on your college journey!

  • 2022, june 3, 5:02 pm
    Before working with Tokyo Academics, I was confused and lost with the college essay process. I didn’t know how to start one. Even more, I had no clue on what to write about. I was worried and afraid that my essay wouldn’t be impactful for the admission officers. However, this all changed when I started working with TA. Talking to an experienced essay counselor and receiving wise advice has allowed me to better understand how to write a college essay well. Also, the homework I was given was not m – show
    • 2022, october 5, 3:13 am

      We're so happy to hear you had such a positive experience with our essay counseling team, and that we were able to give you the confidence you were looking for. We'll be sure to share your kind words with Thomas as well.

Average rating - 4.9 based on 60 reviews and 31 ratings