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Reviews about Garden Clinic Hiroo / ガーデンクリニック広尾

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  • 2023, january 16, 7:28 am
    Excellent professional, efficient and patient-friendly.
    • 2023, january 17, 3:06 pm
      Thank you Francois for the positive review about us.
      We will continue to do our very best for each and every patient who walks into our office.
  • 2022, december 19, 6:27 am
    Doctor here is incredibly helpful and feels like she really cares about your concerns. She was very kind and easy to talk to. Definitely recommended.
    • 2023, january 17, 3:05 pm
      Dear M P
      Thank you for taking the time to write us a nice review and giving us five stars. Appreciate that!
  • 2022, october 22, 2:26 am
    The doctor and the staff were very nice and quite supportive in piercing the ear of our baby. The doctor spoke very good English. My daughter did not even shed a tear after piercing. Highly recommended for ear piercing.
  • 2022, october 18, 4:52 pm
    I had an eczema breakout all over my neck that I had been dealing with for the past 3—4 years and had multiple doctors give me ointments and creams that just never worked. I figured I just had to live with it until I started getting an eyelid rash too so I came here for a consultation. Dr.Keong immediately noticed my neck eczema, did a quick skin check for infections, and assured me she could help me with both my eyelids and neck. My skin cleared up completely in 2 weeks. A few months later, I h – show
    • 2022, december 1, 3:28 pm
      Thank you for taking the time to write us a 5 star review. We really appreciate it.
      I do apologize for the long waiting time;
      it's because we take the time to listen and talk to our patients. I hope you don't have too long on your next visit.
  • 2022, october 10, 9:45 am
    Appalling experience!

    I went to this clinic for my acne treatment. I clearly told the doctor and her team that my body is allergic to creams with steroids and antibiotics. Despite that, she prescribed me both. Result — I'm having to live with extremely painful and scary side effects.

    The doctor isn't interested in listening to the patient, she showed visible irritation when I asked her to repeat something she asked me. She was robotically parroting the things I need to do without asking me ab
    – show
  • 2022, october 8, 12:35 pm
    The doctor is usually very nice but when I went to her for her help recently she was extremely rude, dismissive and rushed me out the door because “it’s the end of the day and [she was] done”. She did not allow me to explain why I was there in full or look at my issue and was irritated with me for not being a regular there. We only spoke for maybe 5 mins (while nurses interrupted us multiple times) before rushing me out. I will never visit this clinic again. My advise to others is don’t go on Sa – show
    • 2022, october 11, 3:38 am
      Dear Kaci,
      Thank you for taking the time to write us a review and for visiting us.
      I think you got the information you needed from us. Your “regular” doctor who is more convenient to you but who wouldn't willingly give you the information in the first place can now prescribe it and you need not visit us again.
      We wish you all the best.
  • 2022, september 29, 7:38 am
    the doctor is amazing. She will take her time, listen to you, reassure you. She did an amazing job. She's a great person. If you want to go to this clinic don't hesitate.
    You have to wait a long time before pass, I arrived at 10:30 and I pass at 12:00. But still, except this, the staff is also really kind.
    I hope the product she gave me (NINAZOL) is going to work and don't cause me secondary effect (I have a sensitive scalp). So I'll write another comment after to update
    I wanted to thanks all t
    – show
    • 2022, october 6, 3:56 pm
      Thank you for taking the time to write a kind review for us. Our staff and doctor could not be more delighted to read your kind words.
      Please do not hesitate to see us again if your treatment does not work out the way you expected.
  • 2022, september 5, 2:11 pm
    Dr. Keong has given me some of the best doctor experiences in Japan. Every consultation with her has felt very personable, friendly, kind and took an interest in me as a person and not just a patient.

    I’ve had to deal with eczema all my life and already knew the types of medication I needed. She listened and understood what I asked for and found similar versions of the medication in Japan which worked better than any meds I’ve used before.

    I’ve seen about 6 other dermatologists in Japan who ha
    – show
    • 2022, august 1, 5:10 pm
      Thank you Jason Mark.
      Your kind words make our day and I hope it would be a good reference to our future clients as well.
  • 2022, september 3, 5:48 am
    Very friendly doctor
  • 2022, september 2, 8:06 am
    Dr. Keong and her staff were extremely nice and welcoming.

    I had come from a much further prefecture to see Dr.Keong and the experience did not disappoint.

    She treated my skin and referred me to a colleague of her's who recently opened a clinic in the prefecture I live in. She took her time with me, built a report and despite her busy schedule, we had a wonderful conversation about our personal lives.

    I cannot recommend her enough! Only wish she was closer to where I live!
    • 2022, september 4, 3:34 pm
      Dear Jennifer,
      Thank you for taking the time to write us a wonderful review. We really do appreciate it. I was pleasantly surprised that you traveled far just to visit us. Was a real pleasure meeting you. Best wishes.
  • 2022, june 21, 8:52 am
    The doctor is super rude. She was rude throughout the conversation and didn’t even care to listen to me. In addition, the ointments she gave were very expensive, increased my skin condition even more. I’m not sure if she is rude with everyone or just with people of color because I sensed it the entire time that how she was talking to me. And the lady, went after me to see the doctor, was a “white skinned “person and I heard her (doctor) laughing and talking to her nicely. I wouldn’t recommend t – show
    • 2021, november 27, 12:52 pm
      Miss Gayatri, I remember you clearly and I believed we spent quite a lot of time talking, more than what I would usually do. I do not remember being rude to you and I think I even made it a point to consider that you came to visit us from Gunma and I asked if you could come back to followup. I am sorry if we did not meet your expectations. I wish you all the best.
      *By the way, the lady who visited after you, she got treated nice because she was a nice person.
  • 2022, april 26, 2:16 am
    • 2022, may 12, 4:59 pm
      mebee mos 様、
  • 2022, january 21, 5:52 am
    I actually live 1 hour 25 mins away from the clinic but due to my limited Japanese skills, I had to look for a more English-friendly options. I found them on the internet and I think I have found my dermatologist in Japan. The doctor, she was very thorough and well-spoken. Even the receptionist and nurses spoke English. Thank god I found them The long commute was worth every penny.
    • 2022, january 23, 5:16 am
      Thank you Pema for taking the time to give us an excellent review. Very kind of you.
      We really appreciate you coming from such a long way to visit us.
  • 2021, december 21, 5:16 am
    Kinda difficult to find so look for the sign.

    Fluent English speaking dermatologist. She is very understanding and helpful.

    Highly recommend.
    • 2021, december 22, 12:39 pm
      Thank you, Justin for your time and your recommendation.
      Thank you also for posting the photo of the sign outside our clinic. It will be helpful for our future clients..
  • 2021, november 7, 2:18 am
    I really appreciate the service I got here. The receptionists are super friendly and kind. The Dr is excellent, patient and was very professional. She took her time to examine my child and did all she could to talk to the child to know how he felt. I highly recommend the clinic.
    • 2021, november 27, 12:49 pm
      Thank you, Leonard for your kind words. We appreciate your 5-star review.
  • 2021, october 25, 4:57 am
    • 2021, november 27, 12:57 pm
      Yuka y. 様、
  • 2021, august 25, 3:03 pm
    Good dermatologist. Perfect english.
  • 2021, august 21, 5:33 am
    Blown away by my experience here.

    The staff could speak English and was polite and accommodating.

    I came here for acne problems. The doctor was very nice. She is basically bilingual, her pronunciation was perfect. She asked questions and explained clearly. She took the time to explain the treatment plan. She even said “Take care” before I left.

    Being in Japan for so long, I am used to doctors just spending the minimum amount of time with their patient but this experience exceeded expectations
    – show
    • 2021, october 11, 8:35 am
      Thank you Amihan, Really appreciate you spending the time to write this review for us.
  • 2021, august 11, 5:22 pm
    The doctor is knowledgeable, unfortunately her attitude is beyond inconsiderate. She doesn't listen to what you have to say and she clearly thinks that helping/doing her job is a waste of her time. Yet, she has time to berate her patients. If you have a skin issue and want to feel like it's your fault, or want to feel ashamed for having a skin problem please visit this clinic. If you want to be treated with consideration please stay away from this place.
    • 2021, november 27, 1:00 pm
      Dear Miss Listen,
      Thank you for visiting us and for spending your time to give us some feedback.
      We wish you all the very best and hope your skin condition has gotten much better.
  • 2021, july 12, 2:39 pm
    She is one of the best dermatologist in Tokyo, highly professional doctor, also with English speaking who wants to visit her especially, foreigners.
    • 2021, august 4, 6:11 pm
      Thank you. We do our best to be of service to the foreign community.
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