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  • 2022, june 3, 2:16 pm
    Un grand merci à Emmanuelle pour sa patience, sa générosité et sa rigueur dans ses connaissances et le côté synthétique pour aller à l'essentiel. J'ai aimé son enseignement car en plus d'avoir la parole fluide, les mots justes, elle a pu me faire passer des idées et des enseignements grâce au corps et aux expressions. Le mouvement m'aide à intégrer dans le corps et la psyché. C'était un réel plaisir que de suivre les heures de modules en duo. J'ai beaucoup hésité avant de me lancer au niveau 1 d – show
  • 2021, december 9, 4:18 pm
    I had an amazing effect right after the therapy with Leya. I have never experienced before such calmness and peace of mind, happiness and harmony within myself. I would recommend it to everybody!
    • 2022, may 4, 2:51 pm
      Thanks for your feedback Denitsa! I feel delighted that calmness and peace is coming into your life, it's such a beautiful thing to hear. Take care, see you:)
  • 2021, november 30, 7:39 pm
    Reiki, Reiki, Reiki, what a pleasant journey!
    Low frequencies have been big part in our lives, because of the society around, without minor knowledge of low frequency and what it might cause for individuals who is trying to fight it solely, that was very difficult time until we met Sensei Emmanuelle and started to differentiate between ” Low and High”, “hate and love”, the correct way to flow as a water between them, accept their existence and embrace the light, without putting our concern a
    – show
    • 2022, may 4, 2:55 pm
      All my love on your way Oksasha, thanks for your trust during this Reiki journey toward awareness, healing, compassion, harmony, and so much more. Keep meditating and practicing, you're both doing great! Remembe:r I'm always here whenever you need _/|\_ Take care!
  • 2021, november 7, 1:01 pm
    Thank you Sensei for the experience!Really grateful for the space you offer,to move in a safe place and begin to heal or become stronger. Loved the group of ladies and was awesome to meet them.See you next time!
    • 2021, november 7, 1:31 pm
      Gracias Maria for joining our Dance therapy circle, was lovely having you, y hablar Espanol contigo. See you on Reiki 2 when you're ready. Take care!
  • 2021, october 17, 5:24 am
    The session was complete bliss. Emmanuelle was extremely knowledgable about so many aspects of health and healing, and addressed many of my long-term physical and emotional issues in just one session. I feel like I found a hidden treasure and will most certainly be back for more magical moments! Thank you Emmanuelle!
    • 2021, november 6, 4:33 pm
      Thank you very much dear Alexandra! I feel very grateful for what you shared right now, and I'm very happy that you could benefit for the session _/|\_ See you soon!
  • 2021, august 16, 11:01 am
    Emmanuelle was a blessing during this whole process. Her way of teaching is immaculate, she always makes sure to give you the information needed to spark your curiosity and thrive for more. I truly enjoyed the course with her and I am planning to definitely go see her once borders reopen. I am forever grateful for the knowledge you shared with me Emmanuelle. Merci infiniment
    • 2021, november 6, 4:36 pm
      Thanks a lot for your review dear Khaoula, I enjoyed teaching as well. When you open the door, this is an infinite but beautiful journey;) Can't wait to see you in person!
  • 2021, august 3, 3:54 pm
    I took the Reiki Usui course with Emmanuel. She is very knowledgeable and informative. Emmanuel has a relaxed and calming presence. I felt very comfortable and safe. Since the course, I meditate using the Reiki principles every day.
    As a result of my training, I am more attuned to my spiritual side and feel as I am being transformed and guided to a higher self. And that is wonderful.
    • 2021, august 3, 4:30 pm
      Thanks so much Jackie _/|\_ It's so lovely that you left a review! I am very touch by your words. Thank you for sharing: it's so beautiful to see you on this transformative journey! Keep going: you're doing very great:-)
  • 2021, june 25, 4:12 am
    My experience with Kinesiology was mind-blowing. I have been suffering from many-body pains and scoliosis for 6 years. Many life traumas definitely needed healing. I had the 2hr session and left feeling relaxed. The next day I woke up having No Pain at all. I hadn't felt like this before. I am still in awe.

    Ten days after, I decided to start my journey with Reiki. So far I have only taken level 1 at their home in Uenohara but the whole experience of their amazing view, the sound of the river,
    – show
    • 2021, june 25, 5:42 pm
      Dear Sayuri, thanks so much for sharing your experience with kinesiology. I feel very moved by your words It was lovely teaching you Reiki too! Ready for the change Hasta luego
  • 2021, june 12, 12:19 pm
    I had a lovely time with Emmanuelle and her husband during my 2 days retreat. I consulted her as I had backaches and some past trauma experiences due to several back surgeries. She helped me to find the emotional causes of my backaches and heal the physical pain, always with kindness and respect. I will go to see her again when I feel down or in pain.
    • 2021, june 12, 12:47 pm
      Thanks to you, for taking care of yourself and coming here It was a please to have you!
  • 2021, march 15, 2:47 pm
    What a fantastic and wonderful experience. When you walk in, you’re obviously talking to a stranger, but it’s a stranger that you’ve known your whole life. In her care, you are in such a safe and welcoming space, full of love and light. Leiya (Emmanuelle) isn’t shy about not having the answer right there. Nor does she make you feel bad that you also aren’t there to give the answer. Instead, it feels like a brand new path that you both are setting on, where you both have the answers but need to d – show
    • 2021, november 6, 4:38 pm
      Thanks so much for this lovely review dear Lena. You definitely are a book lovers;) I welcome your words with an infinite pleasure _/|\_ Take care and see you!
  • 2021, february 18, 5:14 pm
    I really felt renewed and at peace with myself after the therapy. Even after a week, I still feel that I am still releasing and healing and it is a very good feeling, it’s like I am free of pain. I can say that I have my peace of mind. I have never felt so good about life before. I have a much clearer mind right now. I feel more comfortable with myself and my choices. Thank you so much!!! ️
    • 2021, march 9, 7:51 am
      Thanks Camille for sharing this beautiful feeling of renewal and peace within your beautiful being! Take care _/|\_ I'm here whenever you need to get ready for the next step:-)
  • 2021, january 19, 7:39 am
    A beautiful moment in the nature with an amazing host. Take the time to know you better and enjoy life, thank you so much for this wonderful memory:)
    • 2021, january 19, 7:49 am
      Thanks Amélie it's was a great please to have you in Saihara for the Wellness Retreat! I'm glad you enjoyed the personal & spiritual development work in nature. Much love _/|\_
  • 2021, january 17, 6:43 pm
    Add a great reiki training level 1 with Emmanuelle. She is very generous and a great healer.
    • 2021, january 19, 7:53 am
      Thanks Hélène for joining with your friend! It's always a pleasure to share this knowledge with beautiful open minded soul _/|\_ Much love & take care. See you
  • 2020, december 18, 1:42 am
    I wanted to find a wonderful holistic practitioner for my daughter but instead…found more than that. We found someone who almost immediately could identify and relate to her and some of her issues.
    My daughter was able to totally relax with Emanuelle (Leiya). She, “loved her vibe” and, “felt very comfortable and relaxed”.
    She walked in feeling stressed out and on the brink of tears but left there feeling very calm, lighter, Euphoric!!” She said it was an amazing experience.

    We will definitel
    – show
    • 2021, january 19, 7:55 am
      Thank you so much Argie for this lovely review. It comes straight to my heart! Feel free to come back any time when she feels ready. Much love and light _/|\_
  • 2020, december 15, 6:05 am
    I follow the Reiki certification level 1 with Emmanuelle and I loved it!

    I learned so much in a peaceful, beautiful and safe environment!

    Emmanuelle is passionate about Reiki and healing in general and she transfers her passion through her teaching.

    She gives us the right tools to be able to practice Reiki on ourself and our love ones. I came out of this course with a lot of new ressources, clarity and confidence on my own healing journey!

    Thank you for your beautiful work and the love yo
    – show
    • 2021, january 19, 8:18 am
      Thanks a lot Brigitte for pushing the door of this healing journey! Your lovely comment warm my heart. You know where to find me when you need help and support:) Much love and light _/|\_ Take care
  • 2020, december 6, 10:39 am
    Merci beaucoup pour la super purification que tu as fait dans mon appartement et le soin. Je me suis vraiment senti beaucoup plus légère, sereine, et joyeuse après! Mon chat également l'a ressenti:)
    Merci encore pour ta grande générosité et ton écoute!
    • 2021, january 19, 8:25 am
      Merci Sahra pour ta confiance _/|\_ Je suis tellement contente que toi et ton chat ayez senti la différence! Prends soin de toi, pleins de belles vibrations vers toi
  • 2020, november 13, 10:00 pm
    La Méditation sonore de nouvelle lune est tout simplement magique, la musique est tour à tour cosmique puissante douce enveloppante, cette méditation amène à de nouvelles sensations et ressentis, les adjectifs manquent pour raconter à quelle point cette expérience est unique, laissez vous tenter et faites vous votre propre avis, à essayer en tous cas
    • 2021, january 19, 8:28 am
      Merci pour ton retour Caroline, cela nous met en joie Naoshi et moi de savoir que tu ai apprécié le voyage cosmique! Je te dis à la prochaine méditation de Nouvelle Lune, astralement;-) Prends soin de toi _/|\_
  • 2020, october 29, 1:55 pm
    Reiki session was a truly deep and healing experience for me After receiving it I went on to study Reiki level one with Leiya (Emanuelle), she is such a kind and experienced teacher, I am very grateful.
    • 2021, january 19, 8:14 am
      Thanks so much Daria, can't wait to have you guys coming back for the Level 2! And whenever you need more help with Kinesiology, feel free: we can always go deeper in cells & transgeneration memories. Take care _/|\_ Much love
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