Menya Honolu 帆のる

Menya Honolu 帆のる

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Reviews about Menya Honolu 帆のる

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  • 2023, january 13, 11:30 am
    The best halal ramen in Tokyo. My fav is the fried chicken ramen but you can’t go wrong with any that you order. Staff are super friendly and the cost is reasonable. The shop is small and cosy, and the food is always delicious and freshly made. Highly recommend.
  • 2023, january 11, 9:04 am
    Really spicy hot fried chicken! Love it.
  • 2023, january 8, 3:14 pm
    Best halal ramen in Tokyo!! Worth the long wait.
  • 2022, december 31, 1:38 pm
    Halal ramen with menu chicken katsu spicy ramen
  • 2022, december 29, 6:20 am
    1500엔 주고 라면을..?
  • 2022, december 26, 5:20 pm
    Imma drop one star for the ramen even-though it taste average. My friend and i came for the halal gyoza where we found they already sold out, eventhough it still 18:00 pm which means just an hour after the dinner open time.
    Also this restaurant has a very weird system, they dont let customers in eventhough there’re vacant seats instead they waited for all customers until they finished and left, its like a session eating time so if you came as two pairs you cant get in until the other two pair
    – show
  • 2022, december 26, 8:27 am
    The first place we have our dinner when visiting Tokyo. You have to sit on the floor upstairs to eat. They also have tall stools at the counter but only for 5 persons. Ordered via vending machine.
  • 2022, december 24, 3:57 am
    Love the ramens..halal ramens..all done via self service order and payment. There is a prayer room too for Muslims..
  • 2022, december 15, 5:46 pm
  • 2022, december 15, 2:28 pm
    Soup is ok. But noodles were stuck together and undercooked. Also forgot to add topping. Recommend only if you are looking for halal ramen
  • 2022, december 14, 4:20 pm
    한국인이면 확실히 호불호가 갈릴 듯. 그래도 보기보다 양도 많고 사장의 열의는 느껴짐. 딱 신라면 정도의 매운맛임.
  • 2022, december 13, 5:51 am
    This place has hands down one of the best ramen out there, it's not just a good halal food restaurant, it's one of the best ramen there is.
    We went to this place our first time in Tokyo and it was so good that we went there again before we left, and now, it's always our first stop whenever we go to Tokyo, and there's nothing like it.
    If you have the opportunity, you HAVE to try this place out.
  • 2022, december 11, 1:50 pm
    Best spicy chicken ramen in Tokyo. Great atmosphere. 10/10 would recommend.
  • 2022, december 11, 1:47 pm
    Definitely the best halal Ramen ive tried in Tokyo! Staff were very friendly and welcoming, and the service was amazing and quick.

    My favourite restaurant in Tokyo!
  • 2022, december 6, 12:36 pm
    Best halal ramen so far in Tokyo. I tried spicy ramen, very good, especially for Indonesian taste
  • 2022, december 5, 2:56 pm
    Ramen halal terkenal di Tokyo.
  • 2022, december 3, 5:08 pm
    Halal ramen restaurant located adjacent to JR Ebisu Station (look for Ebisu Garden Exit). Limited space for customer, 4 dining spot downstair and 3 dining table upstair (max 4 per table).

    You choose & pay the menu from vending machine at the entrance and pass the bill to the cook. Stairs are bit tight roughly for 1 pax to use at one time. You will need to que outside before you could eat, like normal japanese restaurant.

    Not recommended if your group total more than 4 pax.

    Kalau hang badan be
    – show
  • 2022, november 29, 6:13 pm
    Looking for a thick-broth halal chicken ramen? This is the one. Your tastebuds will be spoiled by the umami of the broth, the juicy chicken, and perfect-bite noodles. The bamboo shoots are just right to complement the whole dish. The spicy ramen has the perfect amount of spiciness where it can make you sweat but it will not burn your toungue.

    Since this is a halal ramen, the price is a bit more expensive than non-halal ramen because they have to get halal ingredients. However, what you get in
    – show
  • 2022, november 29, 1:52 pm
    This was our first halal ramen experience and it was fantastic! We were greeted with warmth and ate in their quaint seating area on the second floor.
  • 2022, november 28, 4:48 am
    So happy to find this place. Halal ramen for us is different as our usual places to eat this are fish or vegi based. Being able to eat the spicy chicken ramen has left us spoiled. It is spicy but not overpoweringly so. It’s is a very small restaurant but whilst we were there their was a line outside waiting for takeout at sit down. You have to place your order at a ticket machine (cash only) and then give the tickets to the person behind the counter. There was 3 or 4 seats around the fron – show
Average rating - 4.4 based on 73 reviews and 171 ratings