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  • 2022, october 27, 2:21 pm
    Quán rất yên tĩnh
  • 2020, september 24, 5:50 am
    By far the nicest bar I've been to in Tokyo! This place is a true special gem, and the owners make it even better. If you enjoy music and 60s/70s/80s vibes, you definitely need to visit this bar. They'll open their new bar near Tokyo Sky Tree at some point, so make sure to pay them a visit if you have the chance!
    • 2020, october 8, 12:46 pm
      Hi Zaira!!
      Thank you so much for your post and so sorry my post is late
      Are you still in Tokyo or in your home town already???
      Anyway we’re really really happy to meet you and your friends!!
      Please come back to Japan when this crazy world became safe.
      We need to do many of work for new place. But we sure you’ll like it!!
      So please take care and stay safe and keep drinking nice whiskey
      Arigatou Gozaimashita ️ MATANE
  • 2020, may 23, 12:15 am
    I loved this little bar, the owners were super nice and welcoming and very nice other guests – definitely recommend!!
    • 2020, may 23, 4:57 am
      Hello Dario!!
      Thank you so much for your post and still remember our place
      We’re looking forward to seeing you again in future so please stay safe ‍ ️ ️
  • 2020, march 31, 10:20 am
    Nice bar. The owners are a lovely couple. Always great music on.
    • 2020, may 23, 1:46 pm
      Hi vespinoita!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      Please stay safe and looking forward to seeing you in future!!
  • 2020, march 16, 5:44 pm
    The owners, a lovely couple are the most welcoming people that I've meet in Japan, the selection of authentic Japanese drinks is nice and if you need any recommendations about any nice places around Tokyo don't hesitate to ask the owners.
    • 2020, march 17, 6:47 am
      Hi Robert!!
      Thank you so much for find our place and your post!!
      Now is 50% not good time (about virus) but 50% good time (because less people everywhere) so we hope you’ll find something good and fun and enjoy staying Japan
      But if you need me for more help please send me message!!
  • 2020, march 12, 7:54 pm
    The hosts 敦子 and 淨慈 George are awesome. They speak great English and are very welcoming. We spent about an hour and a half chatting to them whilst sampling various Japanese beverages. I can recommend the green tea liquour + milk and the plum liquour. You'll likely get some bonus points if you bring some Jammie Dodgers with you from England. Prices really are reasonable considering the area and if you like a jazz/blues/rock soundtrack you'll be very happy. Hoping we'll be able to visit again soon – show
    • 2020, march 15, 4:36 pm
      Hi Neil and Catherine
      Thank you so much for your lovely post!! And I’m so impressed your Japanese!
      Yes it’s very big point if someone brings to here “Jammie Dodgers “
      Thank you very very much for telling me about my one of Mystery about staying in Brighton
      We hope both enjoy staying Japan.
      And also We’re looking forward to seeing you both again!! MATANE

      – show
  • 2020, march 7, 4:04 am
    Best bar in all of Tokyo. So very cool
    • 2020, march 8, 2:14 pm
      Hello Jaxson (and Dad!!)
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      It was so nice to meet you guys and really fun time to have jam with you, talking to you and your dad (and we were so drunk)
      Please enjoy your music life and more with your beautiful family
      Arigatou Gozaimashita
  • 2020, february 29, 9:15 am
    Amazing place, was highly recommend by friends and did not disappoint. The owners Atsuko and George are really nice and friendly
    • 2020, march 8, 2:07 pm
      Hi Naz!!
      Thank you so much for your post and visit!!
      It was short time but we’re so glad to meet you and your family ️
      If you have a chance to come to Tokyo please come back to our place and let’s talking more!! Please say hello to your mum and Steve
      Arigatou Gozaimashita!!
  • 2020, february 27, 5:37 pm
    Amazing bar if you want to listen to good music & have a good conversation while enjoying some drinks. Will definitely be back next time i visit Japan!
    • 2020, february 27, 7:11 pm
      Hi Linus!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      We can’t forget about you, you speak really really like Japanese young guy
      We hope you could had a good time during staying Tokyo!!
      And hope see you again in future
  • 2020, february 2, 6:12 pm
    Great music, owners were super welcoming, drinks tasted wonderful
    • 2020, february 5, 11:32 am
      Hi Jojo!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      We’re so glad to enjoy our place ️ ️ ️
      Thank you very much again for find our place and please enjoy your Tokyo stay
  • 2020, january 31, 7:20 am
    • 2020, january 31, 3:11 pm

      Dear Kasuhiro!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      Maybe you were here when we had Okinawan Rock guitarist “神鬼- Shinki- “‘s Gig.
      Normally people can enjoy more different type of music at our place. (our place is listening bar)
      So please come back and enjoy music at our place the other night!!
  • 2020, january 25, 7:13 am
    We had a nice time here chatting with the owners of the bar!
    • 2020, january 25, 10:02 am
      Hi Katie!!
      Thank you so much for your post
      We hope enjoy staying Tokyo and Japan
  • 2019, december 1, 12:37 am
    I loved this place, not too tiny and the boss was very kind. We had whisky on the rock there. Fun time!!
    • 2019, december 1, 8:49 am
      Hi Thomas!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      We hope you’ll find good live music place
  • 2019, november 24, 7:02 pm
    • 2019, november 25, 4:08 pm
      また日本旅行を楽しんで下さいませ ️
  • 2019, november 7, 6:32 pm
    As many others have said, the owners are lovely and welcoming and the place itself is totally unique — highly recommended
    • 2019, november 9, 3:54 pm
      Hello Will!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      It was really nice to talking
      with you and Kristie
      We hope you’ll get used to time difference and enjoy more eating and walk around more many places in Japan
  • 2019, november 6, 3:51 pm
    Hammond orgasm is the type of place that you will want to visit. One of the best bars in Tokyo. Atskuo and George are the nicest people ever and are genuinely interested in you when you visit. They will make you feel welcomed with great conversations. Thank you for the recommendations around town and the great experience!
    • 2019, november 6, 5:39 pm
      Hi James!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      We hope you and Serah wii enjoy many places in Tokyo and Japan
      So this is about “Torino Ichi”
      Main Day is 8th and 20th of November 2019.
      Eve is 7th and 19th

  • 2019, november 5, 6:31 am
    Why wouldn't you come here!
    • 2019, november 6, 5:27 pm
      Hi Jesse!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      It was so nice to talking with you and Stacy please come back winter season for skiing and snowboarding
  • 2019, november 2, 12:25 pm
    Fabulous couple running the pla e.. great music..amazing cocktails
    • 2019, november 6, 5:24 pm
      Hi Shriam!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      To be honest, we don't usually make cocktails very much, but I'm glad to be happy. I couldn't talk much about the movie, but please come home enjoying the fall of Japan!
  • 2019, october 30, 6:38 pm
    Wow. Just wow. It‘s a little bit hard to find. Even if you are in front of it:) but don‘t give up! The owners are very kind and smart and it‘s a pleasure to talk with them about music, the city and your journey. Visit it!
    • 2019, november 1, 12:16 pm
      Hello Symon-san!!
      Thank you so much for your post!!
      You could enjoy Jazz place last night or did you try to have a look Japanese Halloween Party ‍ ️???
      It was great time to talking with you and your friends
      We hope you’ll find old Japanese good staff
  • 2019, october 21, 5:21 pm
    What a great place! Extraordinarily welcoming. Great music. A little hard to find, but well worth the effort. You’ll see a sign on the wall in the entranceway to the building for “Bar Chic” on the 4th floor. Hammond Orgasm is right next to that, also on the 4th floor.
    • 2019, october 21, 8:22 pm
      Hi Ken-san!!
      Thank you so much for find us and your post It was so fun to talking about music and more We’re looking forward your Tokyo Jazz place reports and please enjoy seeing your friends and her baby
Average rating - 4.9 based on 66 reviews and 48 ratings

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