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Reviews about Tokyo Driving School

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  • 2023, january 13, 6:20 am
    Availed their service 4 years back to convert my foreign license to jp. They gave me a practice in a course similar to samezu. They were giving feedback on all important points that will be assessed in the test. Tokyo Driving school was helpful to get the license at my first attempt. Highly recommended.
  • 2023, january 4, 4:32 am
    Emmanuel-san is one of the best teachers I've met in my life — very involved in subject, answering all the questions in detail and giving a good overview on Japanese driving rules and more importantly — culture.
    I was very surprised, that I was able to pass after just three 90 minute lessons, as I've heard everywhere how strict the examiners are.
    I have 20 years of driving experience, but I wouldn't be able to pass all the small checkpoints which are tested on exam without Emmanuel-san's guidanc
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  • 2022, december 23, 10:46 am
    I was very suspicious of TDS at first. It seemed very shady because they charge 1/3 of what every other driving school in Tokyo charges for a driving course and was run by Africans. After getting my license from scratch in Japan, I can honestly say to anyone reading this that I was wrong with my judgements and that TDS is your best bet as an English speaker for getting your driver's license.

    You will save a ton of money and learn everything you need to get your license in Japan.

    I took the hal
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  • 2022, december 20, 1:00 am
    I highly recommend Tokyo driving school. Emma san really knows all the Japanese driving tips.
    He is very patient teacher and knows the tips of all the tests. He has some tricks that can help you pass the examinations. I was in the beginning very stressed and nervous about driving but thanks to Emma san and Daniel’s teaching, I passed the final driving test in one time.
    Great cost performance and all in English.
    As driving is all about practice, I highly recommend to purchase more driving practic
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  • 2022, december 6, 4:29 pm
    The personal training this school gives you is phenomenal! I especially enjoyed the detailed and encouraging training from Mr. Emmanuel. He spoke english and took his time to share with me the needed skills to pass the test! Now I'm proud to say I have my drivers license in Japan!!
  • 2022, december 1, 4:10 am
    Tokyo driving school teaching was the best,it is not possible for me to get license without them. Thank you so much.
  • 2022, november 24, 9:37 am
    I’ve been a paper driver since 18 years old for 20 years. Emmanuel taught me well from the basics. He is kind and flexible. He provided direct feedback and tells you where your weaknesses are after every class. He builds confidence that peaks at your test time. I had fun with him on our drive from Minami yono station to the driving course and back. Lovely experience for me overall. I passed in first try but it’s only because Emmanuel taught me the pitfalls of the test well. The driving test is – show
  • 2022, november 14, 3:47 pm
    I had one practice lesson and it helped me a lot during the test. The instructor gave me a lot of tips and guided me what I should do or do not do during the test. As a result, I got to pass. Thanks so much for the support that I received.
  • 2022, november 9, 4:38 pm
    Emmanuel san helped me in securing the Japan Driving license today.
    Fantastic trainer who have the skills/patience in helping you unlearn some of your unsafe driving practices and relearn the safe Japanese driving practices.
    Would highly recommend him to all those who are seeking Driving License conversion in Tokyo.
    Best Regards
  • 2022, november 2, 5:33 am
    I was trying to convert Indian license to Japanese. Attended 3 classes of 1.5 hrs and Emmanuel san clearly explained the test and would clear any doubts. They provide the practice sessions that are expected in the test. Japanese license is all about following the rules and defensive driving.
    Would really recommend this institute for getting the driving license.
  • 2022, august 23, 9:44 am
    Not good costumer service!
  • 2022, august 16, 2:47 pm
    Very nice teachers. Explain all details about the Japanese driving exam specifics.
    Provide great theoretical and practical lessons!
    It helped very much to successfully pass the exam.
    Thank you very much!
  • 2022, june 28, 10:36 am
    Driving can be easy, but to pass a driving test in Japan, we require the driving skills and some tips to avoid common mistakes. Mr. Emmanuel trained me to avoid these mistakes, especially by doing a proper shoulder check to look for cyclists when turning, slowing down with a two-stage brake without jolting, driving in the outermost lane, etc. For those who failed at your first attempt, I encourage you not to give up and try again. I passed the test on my second attempt and avoided the common mis – show
  • 2022, june 7, 5:23 am
    They gave good guidance and made sure that I understood what I need to do during the test. Had a good experience with them.
  • 2022, march 4, 10:38 am
    I took lessons for Japanese license conversion. I am an experienced driver but the lessons were super helpful. I assumed many things would be similar — but they are not! Imma-san is a great teacher — friendly, patient and practical. Lessons were done in English but he used Japanese “instructions” as would be the case in the actual test. I passed first time. Good experience, highly recommended.
  • 2022, february 23, 5:08 am
    I am stuck in the 100 Questions test and fails 7 time, It’s so pain Driving lesson is ok. But the Brief I really don’t understand. all I hear from them if I understand the questions I will know the Answer. So I am confused the money I have paid is for only to read questions in the book till I understand.

    There is lot extra fees to pay was not explained clearly as normally in Japan if you join the school (Khari menkyo) school will pay.

    Everything is ok but still missing as professional and o
    – show
  • 2022, february 3, 1:25 am
    I’m 57, have been driving for 40 years, and have driven in half a dozen foreign countries. I can honestly say that without the help of Tokyo Driving School I would not have passed my Japanese driver’s test. It’s not about being a good driver. The test is very specific in what they are looking for and the instructors show you exactly what they want. The practice sessions were invaluable. I strongly recommend that anyone trying to get a license in Japan, sign up with Tokyo Driving School. It – show
  • 2022, january 25, 6:24 am
    Very professional team. I highly recommended connecting with them for your practice lessons.
    The trainer was very patient in explaining details, tips and tricks to understand the rules easily.
    I passed my MT car driving test after just one session of practice with them.
    Kudos to the team!
  • 2021, november 21, 4:29 pm
    They are very good in communication, very active anytime u call them, ready to assist, patiently when teaching u how to drive.....and are they willing to help u get ur licence too, I recommend this school to anyone who's ready to drive......Best School Ever!!! Thanks to my instructor Mr.Ben
  • 2021, november 19, 4:09 pm
    I was so nervous to take the driving test at Samezu center but after a couple of driving lessons I felt pretty much confident. Instructors give as much information as possible and explain all the details you need at the test. I was able to get my driver’s license with no pain
    I highly recommend this school and my instructor Emmanuel.
Average rating - 4.5 based on 74 reviews and 35 ratings